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2020 Tapia Conference

Rewriting the Code College Women in Tech Data Initiative – Findings and Recommendations

Friday, September 20, 2019 — 1:15PM - 2:15PM

Data collected from the Rewriting the Code fellows and members have already led to insights from this significant population of college women in tech. The women have shared first-hand experiences from many campuses, insights into their recruiting experience with a variety of companies, facts and impressions from their internships, and ultimately, we’ve learned a great deal about what goes into their selection of an internship of full-time position. The 2019 College Women in Tech Data Initiative has been designed to analyze and interpret data to create key corporate learnings that will benefit companies looking to hire women for technology roles. For example:

Panel Moderator:
Jade Barricelli, RTC Director, Student + Corporate Engagement, Rewriting the Code

Myra Gupta, RTC Consultant + Incoming SDE @ Amazon, Rewriting the Code
Sue Harnett, Founder + President, Rewriting the Code
Owen Astrachan, RTC Faculty + Academic Representative, Duke University