Registration opens in May TAPIA 2020 Dallas,TX September 16-19, 2020

2020 Tapia Conference

Deploying Envoy, How Lyft Services Millions of Requests per Second in a Modern Cloud Infrastructure

Lyft completed its first ride back in 2012. Over the last seven years the number of rides being done per day has increased steadily and Lyft now performs well over a million rides day and is one of the preeminent transportation providers in the United States today. Suffice to say, to manage a fleet of millions of rides all over the U.S. Lyft’s infrastructure has had to develop significantly and this evolution has led to Lyft building and open sourcing one of the leading service proxies for maintaining cloud networks today. During this session we will walk through how Envoy Proxy came to be, the way Lyft has deployed Envoy in its systems, and how it helps keep Lyft on the edge of cloud infrastructure technology today.

Anthony Velazquez, Software Engineer, Lyft