Registration is open! San Diego,CA September 18-21, 2019

2019 Tapia Conference

Tapia Student Poster Competition/ACM Student Research Competition (SRC) & Lunch

Thursday, September 19, 2019 — 12:15PM - 1:45PM

The Tapia technical student poster session provides an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to present their latest research results and methodologies to a wide conference audience. Winners of the top posters (1st, 2nd, & 3rd place) will be recognized at the conference banquet. Tapia 2019 is again hosting an ACM Student Research Competition (SRC), sponsored by Microsoft Research.

The ACM SRC consists of two phases: (1) poster presentation (being part of the traditional research poster session), and (2) research talk. In Phase 2, selected students will give a short presentation of their research before a panel of judges in a special session at Tapia 2019. The winners of the ACM SRC competition at Tapia will be invited to participate in the ACM Student Research Competition Grand Finale.


  1. Implications of Gamification on Women Students performance in Computer Science
    Presenter: Leila Zahedi (Florida International University)

  2. Smart Learning through enhanced concentration and contextual search
    Presenter: Sushmita Manikandan (University of Southern California)

  3. Images Complement Text in Extracting Possessions from Social Media
    Presenter: Dhivya Chinnapp (University of North Texas)

  4. Real Time Cryptojacking Detection In Browsers
    Presenter: Meenakshy Balachandran (Carnegie Mellon University)

  5. Recommending Personalized Healthy Food Through EM Algorithms
    Presenter: Jermaine Marshall (University of Notre Dame)

  6. Virtual Stage Sensors: Alternative Approaches for Smartphone-Based Crowdsourced Water Level Measurements
    Presenter: Yusuf Sermet (University of Iowa)

  7. Image Disambiguation with Deep Neural Networks
    Presenter: Omar DeGuchy (UC Merced)

  8. Parameterized Heuristics for Incomplete Weighted CSPs
    Presenter: Atena MTabakhi (Washington University in St. Louis)

  9. Enforcing Deep Generative Priors in Phase Retrieval with Optimal Recovery Guarantees
    Presenter: Oscar Leong (Rice University)

  10. The CATDroid Framework for Testing Context-sensitive Mobile Applications
    Presenter: Shraddha Piparia (University of North Texas)

  11. Utilizing Delay Tolerant Networking in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Applications
    Presenter: Xava Grooms (University of Kentucky)¬ębr>

  12. Where did the Political News Event Happen? Primary Focus Location Extraction in Different Languages
    Presenter: Maryam Bahojb Imani (University of Texas at Dallas)


  1. Victim-Centric Domestic Violence Safety Mobile App
    Presenter: Carlos Nieves (Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico)

  2. Augmented Reality Platform for Collaborative Service Robots
    Presenter: Amel Hassan (Tufts University)

  3. Crowdsourced Joins for Filter Queries
    Presenter: Cienn Givens (Harvey Mudd College)

  4. Gender Representation in Computer Systems Publications
    Presenter: Rhody D. Kaner (Reed College)



  1. GPU-Based Parallel Indexing Framework for Concurrent Spatial Query Processing
    Presenter: Zhila Lewis (University of South Florida)

  2. Analysis of Cellular Feature Differences of Astrocytomas with Distinct Mutational Profiles Using Digitized Histopathology Images
    Presenter: Mousumi Roy (Stony Brook University)

  3. ADQTest: An AI-based Data Quality Test Approach
    Presenter: Hajar Homayouni (Colorado State University)

  4. HybridBooster : Hybrid sampling with boosting for imbalanced data classification
    Presenter: Akram Farhadi (University of Georgia)

  5. Gluing metric space using Vietoris-Rips complex
    Presenter: Aakriti Upadhyay (University at Albany, SUNY)

  6. FlexiLight: Toward Flexible and Practical Processing In memory
    Presenter: Marzieh Lenjani (University of Virginia)

  7. Comprehending Code: Understanding the Relationship between Reading Comprehension and CS Learning Outcomes
    Presenter: Jean Salac (University of Chicago)

  8. Reachability Analysis for Contact Networks of Moving Objects
    Presenter: Zohreh Raghebi

  9. Towards Approximating Expected Job Completion Time in Dynamic Vehicular Clouds
    Presenter: Aida Ghazizadeh (Old Dominion University)

  10. A Novel Model for Determining Network Performance Boundaries in Delay Tolerant Networks in Low-cost Smart Cities
    Presenter: Oluwashina Madamori (University of Kentucky)

  11. 3D-TMT: A Novel, Touch-Based Variant on an Existing Neuropsychology Examination
    Presenter: Raniero Lara-Garduno (Texas A&M)

  12. Fast Brain and Pelvis SynCT Generation for Real-time MR-only Treatment Planning
    Presenter: Hajar Emami (Wayne State University)

  13. A Unified Kernel SVM for Multiclass and Multlabel Classification
    Presenter: Seyedeh Hoda Shajari (University of Florida)

  14. Touchless Performance in Non-Preferred Hands
    Presenter: Pantea Habibi (University of Illinois at Chicago)

  15. ClassifyTE: Stacking-Based Framework for Hierarchical Classification of Transposable Elements
    Presenter: Manisha Panta (University of New Orleans)

  16. Compiling for Quantum Annealers
    Presenter: Ramin Ayanzadeh (UMBC)

  17. Automated Change-point Detection in Time Series
    Presenter: Tahiya Chowdhury (Rutgers University)

  18. Machine Learning Over the Wireless Edge
    Presenter: Parisa Hassanzadeh (New York University)

  19. Non-Random Teleportation in Random Walk Based Network Sampling
    Presenter: Trenton W. Ford (University of Notre Dame, iCeNSA)


  1. Handling Missing Values in Joint Sequence Analysis
    Presenter: Alexandra Ballow (Youngstown State University, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)

  2. Towards Efficient Management of Disasters and Pubic Health Emergencies: A Modified Heuristic Model for Routing and Logistics Optimization
    Presenter: Sampson Akwafuo (University of North Texas)

  3. An End-to-End Framework for Landslide Erosion Analysis
    Presenter: Hameed Abdul (University of Southern Mississippi)

  4. Exploring the Reliability of the NYC Subway System
    Presenter: Phuong Nguyen (Baruch College, Microsoft)

  5. Bison Hack the Yard
    Presenter: Lauren R. Clayton (Howard University)

  6. Numerical Simulation of Calcium Waves in a Cardiomyocyte Modeled by a System of Seven Coupled Partial Differential Equations
    Presenter: Gerson Kroiz (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)

  7. A Machine Learning Approach for Phenotype Clustering to Reduce Healthcare Cost
    Presenter: Karan D. Luthria (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)

  8. Attack of the Clones: Manipulation-Resistant Recommender Systems in Practice
    Presenter: Andong Li Zhao (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

  9. Automatic Tagging of Stack Overflow Questions Using Word Embeddings and Deep Learning
    Presenter: Alexandra Ballow (Youngstown State University)

  10. Environmental Monitoring using Wireless Sensors
    Presenter: Jesus Izquierdo (Johnson C. Smith University)