Save the Date! Tapia 2019 San Diego,CA September 18-21, 2019

2018 Tapia Conference

Monica L. Ridgeway, PhD, Postdoctoral Research fellow with the Academic Pathways Her research focuses on the role of identity, racialized experiences, and marginalization in K-12 and Higher education STEM spaces. Amanda J. Brockman, Doctoral Student, Sociology. She received her M.A. in sociology in 2017. Her research centers on analyzing hidden gender inequalities within multiple levels of the social structure. Ebony Omotola McGee, PhD, Associate Professor of Diversity and STEM education, investigates what it means to be racially marginalized in the context of learning and achieving in STEM. In particular, she studies the racialized experiences and racial stereotypes affecting underrepresented groups of color. Dara Naphan-Kingery, PhD, Post-doctoral Researcher. She is an interdisciplinary social psychologist. She investigates how mental health and identity management strategies mediate the relationship between discrimination experiences and academic and career outcomes.