Registration Now Open Atlanta, GA September 20-23, 2017

2017 Tapia Conference

Student Poster Competition & General Reception

Thursday, September 21, 2017 — 5:00PM - 7:00PM

Graduate Posters

Hardware Trust Model in Cloud Security

A Real-Time Sign-Language Learning Tool

Privacy-Preserving Coordination in Smart Communities

A Gaze Gesture-Based Paradigm for Rich and Accessible Human-Computer Interaction

Communication in Prediction Games

Knowledge Discovery, Integration and Communication for Extreme Weather and Flood Resilience Using Artificial Intelligence: Flood ai Alpha

Improving Visual Accessibility of R STUDIO and GITHUB

Personalizing Hospital-stay Summaries for Patients

The Impact of Persuasive Principles on Shoppers’ Continuance Intention In E-commerce

Analyzing Experts’ Low-level Perception Tasks While Doing 3D Image Segmentation

Tactile Access to Visualized Statistical Data Using R

Implementation of Active Learning Techniques in an Online Information Security Graduate Laboratory Course

Forecasting Research Trends by Mining Literature Findings

SketchTivity: An Intelligent Tutoring System for Teaching Sketching Fundamentals

Towards Personalized Performance Feedback by Mining the Dynamics of Facial Keypoint Data

A Two Tier Recognition System for Recognizing Brushing Teeth

Modeling Effects of Noise on Dynamics of Hodgkin Huxley Style Neuronal Model

Integrating Data Science into Cybersecurity Education via Hands-on Labs

Analysis of Real Estate Prices in Texas

A Framework for Monitoring Privacy in Mobile Health Apps

Protein Secondary Structure Detection using Pattern Recognition and Modeling

AquaHaptic: Water Based Navigation System

CUDA++: A Template-Based Meta-Programming Model for GPUs

SmartStrokes: Evaluating Digital Cognitive Tests on Healthy Elderly Individuals

Improving Usability of Safety Critical Requirements Traceability

Detecting Mind Wandering During Film Viewing

Are you a Foodie? Detecting the Spiciness of Food using Wearable

Growing Signatures of Knowledge Interactions With Hyperedge Replacement Grammars

Myth, Mystery, and Patchwork: Designing for a Family Collective Memory Keeping

Preference Elicitation in DCOPs for Scheduling Devices in Smart Buildings

An Approach for Preference-based Matching in Residential University Roommate Markets

A Parallel Approximation Algorithm for Scheduling Parallel Identical Machines

An Interactive Learning Tool for Early Algebra Education: Design, Implementation and Evaluation

Assessing Learning Behavior and Cognitive Bias from Web Logs

Undergraduate Posters

An Electronic Nose that can Detect Explosives

Scrambler: Dynamic Layout Adaptation

Airbrb: Predicting Loyalty

Network Installation and Recovery with Blackstart Nodes

Fare Share: Flow and Efficiency in NYC’s Taxi System

caveGEOmap: Implementing the Use of Labels in Cave Mappings

caveGEOmap: Developing a GUI that Unifies and Streamline a Speleology Data Analysis Software

Change from Cartesian to Speleologist Coordinates

Using Deep Learning and Machine Learning Techniques to Teach Computer to Paint Masterpiece Art

Robot Planning Graphs as Metabolic Pathways for Drug Target Identification in Biological Organisms

Counting Magic Venn Diagrams

Encryption-Based Privacy Protection For Police Body-Worn Cameras