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2019 Tapia Conference

Design and Evaluation of Intergenerational Health Collaboration System within the Family


Jomara Sandbulte
Pennsylvania State University


Researchers in HCI have investigated the family realm and how family members have used technology in different contexts including health care. Though the literature has explored different strategies to support families, more research is necessary to better support intergenerational families on healthy living. We argue that our work could be broadly applicable to HCI researchers interested in how families collaborate to achieve health goals. In this research proposal, we turn our focus towards intergenerational interactions between non-collocated elderly parents and adult children. We aim to complement previous HCI research by examining how technological solutions can support intergenerational family members on active living. For this dissertation, we have conducted two rounds of qualitative studies that informed the design of a solution of an intergenerational health collaboration system within the family. Our goal is to ultimately empower family members in their efforts to promote healthy behaviors within their families.