Registration opens April 2019 San Diego,CA September 18-21, 2019

2019 Tapia Conference

Makin' Math Move: A Full Body Interactive Learning Environment for Pre-Algebraic Practice


Tiffanie R. Smith, University of Florida


Algebra is deemed necessary for access to all higher level math courses and for entrance into science, technology, engineering and math career fields. Despite its importance, many students nationwide are failing to perform well in this subject. Research suggests that this is due to a weakened arithmetic foundation needed before the transition to algebraic thinking. African-Americans, in particular, are underperforming in Algebra, and many other levels of math. This research explores the intersection of African-American culture and educational technology to strengthen the foundation of this demographic by improving pre-algebraic skills necessary for success in Algebra 1. Participation from 6th and 7th grade African-American students will be utilized throughout the design, implementation and evaluation of this novel technology. The research aims to offer insight on the design of culturally relevant educational technologies that will assist in narrowing the achievement gap.