SAVE THE DATE Tapia 2018 Orlando, FL September 19-22, 2018

2017 Tapia Conference

Sabrina Coleman

President and Founder, Mahoghany Coaching & Development

Speaker Biography

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Sabrina Coleman is a seasoned leadership coach, trainer and organizational development consultant who has lived and worked in three countries beginning her career as an IT Leader; and transitioned into the role of consultant. She has over 20 years of experience partnering with global leaders at all levels to design, develop and deliver scalable solutions across functional and geographic boundaries on enterprise-wide and global initiatives with multi-discipline, cross-functional and globally disbursed teams.

Her varying positions and practical, hands-on experience as coach, consultant, change agent and leader have provided her with an insight that is beneficial to the development and support of leaders and professionals at every level of an organization.

As a solutions provider, she primarily worked at the systems level. But often, although not part of her “formal” role, she was sought out to provide personal coaching, input, guidance and advice from people at all levels, both inside and outside of work. And, often when she went to meet with senior managers for mentoring and support, she often ended up doing the coaching instead. She would spend her days encouraging and coaching people and stay after work to do her “real” work.

Realizing where her true passions lie, she became a Certified Corporate Coach and earned a Master’s degree in psychology with an emphasis in organization development. And after completing a research study which focused on the personal and professional impact to African-American (AA) women managers’ as a result of behavioral responses to systemic barriers in the workplace; she could no longer deny her greater joy was experienced partnering with individuals to achieve their goals and aspirations, breakthrough challenges and realize desired success.

Her expertise helps leaders realize their vision, achieve their goals and create healthier, more functional organizations; partnering with them to unleash their potential and pursue a vision that’s true to themselves and not others; supporting them in overcoming self-imposed roadblocks, fear and other adversity on their way to achieving workplace and life success.

Ms. Coleman holds an M.A. in Psychology/OD, BA in Management/MIS, and has also been certified as a Corporate Coach (CCC), Domestic Violence Counselor, Interpersonal Skill-building Facilitator and Project Management Professional (PMP).